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Social Entrepreneurship​ 

One Small Loan Makes a BIG Difference...

Class Blog

[email protected] continues support for small businesses with KIVA Magnolia

Posted on April 27, 2020 at 11:10 AM

My name is Magnolia. In our Social Entrepreneurship class, we have been learning a lot about Kiva, and making loans to people who need them. One of the people that I loaned to was Thoi from India. I chose to loan to her because she needed weaving supplies and I love to weave, so I wanted to help her!  I also loaned to Tugendemumaiso Farmers Kalyambuzi Group. I chose them because I live on a farm and I also want to help them pay school fees for their kids since I love school. 

In class we haven't just been learning about Kiva, recently we have also been learning a lot about the U. N. Global Goals:

Some of the Global Goals help Animals and Plants, while others help people with normal everyday things. Some examples of what a Global Goal might do:


Zero Hunger: The Goal is to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. We should do this because more than 800 million people suffer from hunger worldwide and if no one went hungry it could prevent more illness and diseases.


Clean Water and Sanitation: The Goal is to ensure access to safe water sources and sanitation for all. We should do this because clean water is a human right, and yet billions of people don’t have it. About 1.8 billion people all over the world don’t have clean water. 2.4 billion people don’t have things like toilets.


Life on Land: The Goal is to manage forests, combat desertification, and save the land for animals. We should do this because forests sustain us with food and water that we eat and drink. 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihood. Forests are home to 80% of all animals. If there are 8,300 animals known then 8% are extinct and 22% are in danger of extinction.


I got this information from:

For more information on how you can loan to small businesses around the world:

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Reply Chase H.
4:38 PM on May 11, 2020 
Something that I learned from Magnolias blog post is that forests are home to 80% of animals. I like how Magnolia wanted to help people pay for their school tuitions because she loves school and thinks that education is important. The three goals that Magnolia mentions are all very important and we can all help with them. I also like how Magnolia has the connection of living on a farm and has the connection of liking to weave.
Reply Bezi M.
4:08 PM on May 11, 2020 
I agree with Magnolia that we should loan to people who need basic hygiene because it could prevent some of the 800 million people from getting a disease because they don't have any sanitation. Hunger is something that a lot of people experience. To help, I also want to loan to people who need money for food. By messing up our forests, it hurts animals and we get most of our food there. We should keep our forests safe and our food will increase and we should loan to people who need basic sanitation so they don't get sick!
Reply Ayana
4:38 PM on May 6, 2020 
I like how Magnolia found something she also has interest in and chose to help. A question that I have for her is What made you think of those three goals and why are they important to you? I like the goals that Magnolia picked out. Magnolia says that she loves to sew and she lives on a farm. She chose to help these people because they share the same passion.