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Social Entrepreneurship​ 

One Small Loan Makes a BIG Difference...

Class Blog

I believe that every child deserves to get an education... by YaYa M.

Posted on February 24, 2020 at 11:15 AM

In CEL, we learned about the U.N. Global Goals and how they relate to our KIVA microloans. There are 17 goals in total and each of them are very important. Some of my favorites are No poverty (1), Quality Education (4) and Life on Land (15). This year, I decided to loan to a woman named Bridget from Kenya on Bridget needed a loan to improve her business and educate her child. When I chose people to loan to on, I usually loan to people who need money for their children’s education or woman because I believe that every child deserves all the education they can get and a lot of people think that men are smarter than women.


We take for granted that we can start new businesses, go to school, have food to eat and have a house to live in but a bunch of people all around the world can’t have any of those things because they live in poverty! Our KIVA microloans can help them because it gives them chances to start new businesses, go to school, have food for them and their family and have a house to live in.


When we Skyped with Eli, a worker at KIVA, he talked to us about KIVA and how a lot of people don’t loan to refugees. He showed us a short slideshow and taught us about the Fingerprint ID Project that Kiva helped develop in Sierra Leone. With our KIVA microloans, we can change the world!


To learn more, check out these websites:

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Reply Blake J.
5:42 PM on May 11, 2020 
One thing that stuck out to me was that Yaya was really invested in this and wanted to change the world with this blog post. This blog post will change what I see when I see women and children in poverty. I do agree with Yaya and I think we could change the world if we do some of the things she says. I wonder how the child feels right now. This blog post made me think about how many people go through this. I want to stop spending less money on school supplies because I just buy it because itâ??s cool.
Reply Bezi M.
4:04 PM on May 11, 2020 
Before reading Yayaâ??s blog post, I had no idea how much we take for granted. We are using up everything we have when tons of people are struggling. I agree with Yaya that education is one thing we take for granted. We drive to school, learn, eat lunch, learn again and drive back home every day but some people can't do any of those things! So I wanna help and loan more money towards people who need money to start a business and finish their education!
Reply Rosie
3:47 PM on May 11, 2020 
I enjoyed reading this post because Yaya cared about a lot of the same issues that I do. One of the issues she mentioned was quality education which spoke to me. We need to give children the best education we can because we are the future, and we need to adapt to the problems of the modern world. In Yayaâ??s post, she said, â??We take for granted that we can start new businesses, go to school, have food to eat and have a house to live in.â?? I like this quote because we often forget how lucky we are to go to school and have so many opportunities.
Reply Colby A.
8:58 PM on May 10, 2020 
I agree with what this blog post is saying. Every child does deserve education, and because we have it and it's apart of our daily lives we take it for granted or believe that it is un-interesting, when others would love to have education or go to school and meet new friends. People should be more aware of the people less fortunate or those who don't have a lot of money to get education. I feel bad for these people, and once others start helping, the people with out education will be thankful for what the people have given them, and they can finally learn.
Reply Magnolia
4:50 PM on May 6, 2020 
When I read this blog post, I realized that I agree, and a lot of people do think men are smarter than women. When Yaya pointed out that it was a good idea to loan to women with kids so that they can go to school, I realized that it is very important for kids to go to school and Yaya proves a point. Yaya also says how much we take for granted, and that is so true! I would love to know more about Eli, and what he said on Skype. Why donâ??t a lot of people loan to refugees?
Reply Ariya
4:43 PM on May 6, 2020 
I loved this blog post because I agree with everything she is saying. YaYa says that education for a child is very important, and I wholeheartedly agree with that, and she says that people undervalue women a lot. This blog post made me think about children who canâ??t have an education and who are missing out on their true potential and not getting the future they could be getting. I also thought about a lot of refugees that arenâ??t getting money to start their businesses just because they are refugees. After reading this blog, I will spread the word about refugees, children, and women, and try to get people to loan. I was wondering in what specific place most children donâ??t get an education. I was also wondering what place has the most refugees wanting to start a business.
Reply Ayana
4:41 PM on May 6, 2020 
Yayaâ??s blog post is fantastic! I love that she is so dedicated to helping children receive an education because that's a very important thing to miss out on in life. Yaya points out that we might say we donâ??t want to go to school or say that it is boring. We never stopped to think that there are some kids who canâ??t even say that because they don't receive any sort of knowledge and/or education. Yaya says that getting food, starting small businesses and getting an education is hard for families. A question I have is What parts of the world are struggling with this?