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Social Entrepreneurship​ 

One Small Loan Makes a BIG Difference...

Class Blog

Even Just One Loan Can Effect Multiple Goals! by Imogen L.

Posted on February 24, 2020 at 11:05 AM

In our CEL class, we learned about the U.N. Global Goals and how the goals relate to Kiva microloans. There are 17 different goals and they need to be completed by 2030 or the consequences will be irreversible. The goals include many different things ranging from No Poverty to Climate Action. Making loans with Kiva can help with many of the U.N. Goals. Even just one loan can affect multiple Goals.


When learning about the goals, our class discussed things we take for granted in our everyday life. Such as school, which many people don’t like and will even do things like faking an illness to get out of school. We think of school as something we have to do almost like a chore. It’s rarely considered how others may consider going to school as a privilege. Things like clean water and enough food on the table are also often taken for granted. Things which we don’t even think about.


We were lucky enough to be able to Skype with a member of Kiva. One thing he talked about is a new ID system implemented in Sierra Leone. It allows people who previously had no ID or credit history to get them. Having a credit history helps people get a loan from a bank as it gives the bank a sense of trust with the borrower. This makes it much more likely that the bank will loan to you. The way it gives people an ID or credit history is by making an identification system that uses your fingerprint. With this system, you can also never lose your ID.


For more information, check out these websites:

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Reply Blake J.
5:45 PM on May 11, 2020 
One thing that stuck out to me was that Imogen was telling us what some people do and how we shouldnâ??t. This blog post will remind me that I should not complain about going to school. I agree that we should stop taking things for granted. This blog post made me wonder how many people from Kiva have a credit history. I learned to complain less.
Reply Chase H.
4:33 PM on May 11, 2020 
When I read Imogen's blog post something I learned was that having a credit history helps people get a loan from the bank and this makes the bank more likely to loan to you. I also learned that this system makes it so with your fingerprint you can never lose your ID. Imogen says that we take many things for granted and I agree with her. I think it is important that everyone has a credit history for if they need a loan or other things. I think that all of these blog posts point out that we take too many things for granted and we should do a better job thinking about others and saving our planet by saving water, saving energy, saving food, and more.
Reply Bezi M.
4:06 PM on May 11, 2020 
When I read Imogen's blog post, I saw how much we take for granted so I searched for more things we could do to help. I learned that by loaning one loan to a person can help them achieve so many things and it affects multiple goals. In Imogen's blog post I also read about a cool new way to get loans from a bank. There is an ID system that holds credit history. Credit history is good because it can never get lost and bankers can trust the people more. My question to Imogon is, before the ID system was created was it very hard for people to get a loan at the bank?
Reply Rosie
3:54 PM on May 11, 2020 
Imogen discussed the new ID system that is being installed by Kiva. I like this system because it lets people with no ID take out loans from the bank. This will allow the borrowers to focus on their business instead of worrying about actually receiving money. It uses fingerprints to recognize the borrowers, which is important so they donâ??t lose their ID. This makes sure that the borrowers are always eligible no matter what.